Queensland Health – a first-hand account

Our 4 year-old, Lilly, had trouble breathing last night at about 1am.

Her lips started turning blue, she started making barking noises like a seal, and could hardly get any air into her lungs. We were very worried.

I called 000 and the ambulance arrived within 5 minutes.

They were really effective, gave her oxygen, and took her off to the Royal Children’s Hospital right away.

A doctor was available to see her as soon as we arrived at the hospital, administered some drugs (Dexamethasone, for Croup), and we were able to take her home within the hour.

Everyone was very professional and helpful, and I can’t praise them enough.

It didn’t cost us a cent.

There’s been a lot of criticism of the health system in Queensland recently, but I think that despite the problems that have been publicized, we have an excellent system. It worked for us, and probably saved our daughter’s life.

To all the doctors, nurses and ambo’s in Queensland – our family regards you as heroes.

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  1. >On the other side my Brother in Law died as a result of there inadequate attention to their job.

    He had a bicycle accident where he stumbled into a tree, broke an arm. Ambulance took over 30 minutes to get to him. Once it arrived he was taken to hospital. Ambulance drivers advised the hospital staff that his blood pressure was dropping.

    They put him aside due to just having a broken arm, 5 hours later he died of cardiac arrest from internal bleeding.

    When originally investigating what happened the hospital replied “We lost the records” it took many months to find out what happened.

    He was aged 32, left behind two sons, one 5 and one 3.

    Those boys will never really know his dad who’s death could of been prevented if the proper staffing was available and procedures followed to ensure he was ok rather than just pushing him aside into a room to die.

    I still remember at his funeral, Chris, his five year old asking how his dad was going to get out of the whole they were putting him in.

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