More than Mutual Media Masturbation

Kevin Rudd and Channel Seven’s “Sunrise” have been caught red handed telling porkie pies about their plans to stage a fake “dawn service” at Long Tan in Vietnam on Anzac Day to fit in with prime time TV slots in Australia.

While Kevvie and Kochie might be permitted a bit of mutual ego stroking on prime-time, the problem is the mess they’ve made while they were doing it:

Rudd tried to convince us he knew nothing of his discussions with “Sunrise” to stage the fake service. Emails then came to light which proved Rudd’s claims to be false.

He then tried shift the blame to his staff for the “oversight” – grossly hypocritical in the light of the charges of “Sergeant Schultz” behavior that he leveled at the Government over AWB (“know nothing, see nothing, ask nothing”).

Most Australians have to put up with wankers from time to time, but it’s a bit much to expect us to tolerate hypocritical, lying little wankers.

Makes you wonder what he’ll come up with next.

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