Not till you see the whites of their eyes

I think John Howard should wait a while before calling the election.

A section of Australian voters are still infatuated with Kevin (“me-too”) Rudd, who seems anxious to get this election in the bag while he still has a large lead in the polls.

The next few weeks will increase in intensity, and show up flaws in the conga-line of “wannabes” that are following Kev around. See for example Robert McLelland’s gaffe on going easy on terrorists, or Peter Garret’s hypocrisy about the Tasmanian Pulp Mill. In fact if you scratch more closely at any of the Labor front bench, it’s easy to see the amateurish cracks in the facade that is “Kev 07”.

John Howard should take a leaf out of Neville Wran’s book, who espoused the idea of applying the “blowtorch to the belly” of his oponents – keeping the heat on them to really see what they’re made of.

It’s only when the heat is on, when the pressure is unbearable, when they wish the blowtorch would go away, that you really get to see what someone is made of.

Take your time, Mr Howard. Keep the heat on. The Rudd facade will slowly melt away, until it’s pretty obvious to everyone that Emporer Kev isn’t really wearing any new clothes at all.

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