Lock out the whalers

Greens Senator Bob Brown is right to call on Australian to close its ports to Japanese whaling vessels if they start hunting Humpbacks or increase their take of Minke Whales.

“Scientific Whaling” is bullshit. What’s scientific about going out on a whaling ship, harpooning heaps of whales, slicing them up, and selling them. The sooner someone stands up to the Japanese and tells them to cut the crap, the better.

To make it worse, they’re now bribing smaller nations in the whaling council to get them to either reintroduce commercial whaling, or increase the quota allowed under the terms of “Scientific Whaling”.

If we let these butchers into our ports, and make it easier for them to do their grisly job, then we are complicit in their deeds.

I’d probably go one step further and suggest the Australian Navy use the whaling ships for target practice.


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