Federal Election 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter of support to a political candidate. Here’s how this exciting series of events unfolded.

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Nailing My Colours

We have a state election in Queensland on 31 January.

I’ve decided to support the Greens, even though I’ve been a conservative voter for the last 30 years, own a small business, and care about our economy.

I could give you a long manifesto about why

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Why I think the ALP will win this election

"One Dollar, Sir!" by Trey Ratcliff

Last election I predicted the Coalition would win the election, and I was wrong 🙂

This time, although I hope I’m wrong, I think the ALP will win with a reduced majority of 5 to 10

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Chalk and cheese

Despite the “me too” garbage from Mr Dudd and his comrades, the differences between the Coalition and the ALP are like chalk and cheese.

Click on the thumbnail below for a quick summary of the major performance indicators for both parties.

The difference between our current prosperity, and what we’d lose under a one party

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A Coalition win by 5 seats

That’s my prediction for Saturday.

There won’t be a uniform swing, and while the ALP will pick up some seats, it will also lose one or two.

Call it wishful thinnking if you like, but I like to think that most Australians aren’t going to get duped by “Mr Me Too”, aka Kevin Dudd.


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Beware the Chameleon


Say it once, and you could be excused for thinking it was just a gaffe by an inexperienced wannabe.

Say it twice, and you remove all doubt.

Now Charles Wooley has heard Garrett saying the same thing: “Peter Garrett agreed, he intimated that ‘What we say in Opposition might not be what happens in

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Not till you see the whites of their eyes

I think John Howard should wait a while before calling the election.

A section of Australian voters are still infatuated with Kevin (“me-too”) Rudd, who seems anxious to get this election in the bag while he still has a large lead in the polls.

The next few weeks will increase in intensity, and show up

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WYSIWYG or “What you see is what you get” is an important attribute in politics.

Why vote for someone who appears to support one thing, only to find that after they get elected they’re totally different to what you expected? That would be a disaster.

I will be voting for John Howard at the next

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