Welcome to the new Political Musings Blog

I recently moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress.

The old blog was at http://polmusings.blogspot.com

I’m still trying to come to grips with WordPress. Somethings in Blogger were much easier (such as slideshows), but I think WordPress looks much nicer.

Please let me know what you think, and if you’ve got some suggestions,

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The Great Firewall of Australia


Most IT professionals agree that the Federal Government’s plan to install a nationwide Internet filter is wrong, misguided, and will be ineffective.

Now “Save the Children”, one of the lobby groups with a passion for protecting the interests of children, has added its voice to the growing list of opponents to

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Google – Friend of Chinese Opression

Google is complicit with the Chinese Government’s censorship of it’s citizens.

China and Google” by “Oyster

China: the world’s biggest prison for journalists and cyber-dissidents

“Beijing 2008” by “HerveParisFrance

The Virus of Ideas

Ideas are like viruses.

They spread from person to person. If a person is infected they can pass the idea on to someone else.

Some people are immune to some ideas. Others are susceptible to them.

Ideas change the people they infect. They can turn someone into a political activist, a religious zealot, or a

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Big Google is watching

Let google be a snoop for you.

Imagine that you want to track what a particular organization, political party or competitor is doing.

Google Alerts (http://www.google.com/alerts) will do it for you. It will send you an email every day of any new news articles, or web sites that refer to the topic that you’re

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The Soapbox has Landed

The thoughts and sayings of Chairman Neil