Grubby and heartless in the local rag

I hate grubby journalism.

Here’s some photos, and the text of an article in our local rag, “The Northern Times”.

The full text of the article can be viewed at (unless they delete it).

Click on the photos for larger versions. The text of my letter to the editor

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We know what you’re upto in Papua

The Indonesian Government “is surprised, disappointed and deeply deplores” the decision by the Australian goverment to grant temporary protection visas to 42 asylum seekers from Papua.

As Dr Phil would say, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

So taking into account the thuggery that the Indonesian army committed in East

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Getting smarter about Capital Punishment

Full marks to Robert Richter, QC, and Brian Walters, QC.

They have come up with a plan to extradite the Bali Nine to Australia to face conspiracy charges. The goal is to get them out of Indonesia before they’re charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to death by firing squad.

I hope the Department of Public

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For Van Nguyen

Singing The Spirit Home (Eric Bogle)They came for him in the morning, an hour before dawning The pale white moon was waning in the African sky The cell door flew wide open, they stood looking at him He saw no mercy in their hearts, no pity in their eyes

As they took him and

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Bring Jovicic Home

Opposition Immigration Spokesman, Tony Burke, and his leader, Kim Beazley are totally correct. The immigration department was wrong to deport Robert Jovicic, and they should bring him home.

Until he was forcibly repatriated, Jovicic had never been to Serbia in his life, didn’t speak the language, and had lived in Australia for 35 years.


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Save a man’s life

Please read this article in my main blog.

Deport McGauran, not the Vaingolos Family

Peter McGauran must have rocks in his head to deport the Vaingolos family for visa infringements that occurred almost 2 decades ago.

Mafi and Hiki Vaingolos came to Australia just under 20 years ago on tourist visas. Since then they overstayed, married and have had 4 children. The eldest, Keliti, is a 14 year old

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Grieg shows guts over Habib reply issue

Democrats Senator Brian Grieg has shown courage in supporting Clerk of the Senate Harry Evans’ decision to allow Mamdouh Habib the right of reply to a senate committee investigating allegations made against him.

Evans said that Habib would be given the right of reply in writing to a Senate committe which had heard evidence of

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