Nailing My Colours

We have a state election in Queensland on 31 January.

I’ve decided to support the Greens, even though I’ve been a conservative voter for the last 30 years, own a small business, and care about our economy.

I could give you a long manifesto about why

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I have become a AGW skeptic

“Question mark” by Marco Bellucci

NOTE. In the seven years since I first published this post about global warming, I have since changed my mind. I believe the decisions we make about our use of energy and fossil fuels affects our planet. The levels of CO2 in our atmosphere affect global temperatures.

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Be a Skeptic, but "Do unto others"

Religious conservative, and Family First Senator Steve Fielding is skeptical about the effect of Carbon Emissions on Climate Change.

I disagree with Senator Fielding but I applaud his courage in asking questions that might make him look silly. It’s tempting to disparage Fielding’s questions, especially those of us with strong views on Climate

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